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Vacation September 9, 2009

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I know I’m just starting but I have to take a break for a couple days.  My older brother is graduating from Marine Corps Recruit Training this friday in San Diego so I’ll be flying out to see it.  In the mean time, I finally uploaded pictures from my phone and here are some of the food photos I’ve taken throughout this summer.


Layered dessert for the Fourth of July. Sweetened Strawberry puree, homemade soy tapioca pudding, blueberries.

red pepper hummus

Roasted Red Pepper hummus. My first attempt at a homemade dip thanks to my handy magic bullet. I used no olive oil, so it was less creamy than store bought but probably healthier.


This was dinner one night a while back. Romaine lettuce salad with honey mustard dressing. Curry couscous (from the box) with onions and italian flavored soy sausage mixed in. It was incredible!


One of my favorite burgers ever! A little cheeseburger from Five Guys with lettuce, tomato, onions and jalepenos (the key ingredient)


I sauteed snap peas, broccoli and red bell peppers with a store bought mango chipotle sauce. I like spicy 🙂


A delicious breakfast taco. Low carb tortilla (50 calories) around egg whites cooked with spinach and a generous drizzle of salsa.


My first ever visually appealing omelette.  Its an egg white omelette with sauteed mushrooms and green onions and side of fresh raspberries (mostly for a pop of color)


Way better than it looks: Taboule salad mixed with green peas, celery, tofu and a packet of dry pesto sauce mix, served warm. It was heavenly.

So I hope this makes up for my lack of posts for the next couple days. I’ll try to get back into it when I return.  If you like any of the above ideas leave a comment and I dig up the more specific recipe to repost. Have a great week/weekend!


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