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Restaurant Rave January 10, 2010

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For anyone who lives in the Phoenix,AZ area I’m posting a photo of the delicious sandwich I had from Liberty Market.  Liberty Market is this great cafe and coffee place that my parents found through twitter.  The founder is a coffee fanatic and was the originator of the Coffee Plantation chain (it has since been sold and run into the ground by the new own

ership).  He spent some time in Italy and was able to purchase and refurbish a traditional “E61” espresso machine.  It is proudly on display (and in use) at Liberty Market’s E61 bar where you can order up traditional Italian style espresso drinks.  Keep in mind that many of these selection are served in tiny little cups containing only a couple of sips by the American coffee standards.  I was really excited to see this after spending some time in Italy this summer, despite the high price for such a small cup I really enjoyed all of our coffee stops in Rome.  Also, if you’re unfamiliar with Italian coffee, they don’t serve “drip coffee” the closest you can get is called an Americano which is espresso mixed with water.  While the coffee alone is worth the long drive to Gilbert, their food offerings are equally noteworthy.  The coffee fanatic partnered with a brilliant Italian chef, David, who has prepared a creative menu of flavor combinations that most wouldn’t have considered pairing.  The scones are to die for so at least order one to go along side your regular menu selection. I ordered a grilled vegetable sandwich with sweet potato salad on the side.


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