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First Candy Making Attempt January 21, 2010

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I bought a Valentine’s Day heart shaped candy mold at IKEA, which has obviously been calling my name.  I’ve never tried molding candy before but I figured I could just make it up rather than finding a recipe.  I bought some quality San Francisco (a.k.a. made in American!) Dark Chocolate, a couple oranges and a bottle of orange extract.  If you need me to spell it out… I decided to make Orange flavored Dark Chocolate.  I really enjoy the Chocolate Orange treats that my mom (er.. I mean Santa) always gave to my brother and I at Christmas.  Its a orange shaped hunk of chocolate that you “whack and unwrap”.  Whacking the ball of chocolate breaks all the “orange slices” apart so it can be enjoyed at whatever pace you like.  Mine rarely lasted more than one day :).  I chopped the block of chocolate into smaller pieces and threw it in a sauce pan, double boiler set up.  I’ve heard from the Food Network that you should melt chocolate with steam from boiling water below so that it doesn’t overheat and burn.  As I was heating the chocolate I zested 2 oranges into the pan and added 3 capfuls of orange extract (in hindsight, 2 capfuls is plenty).  I was expecting a smooth spreadable melted chocolate consistency but my mixture seemed more like pizza dough.  Despite the thickness I stubbornly spooned it into a plastic bag to “pipe” into my mold.  Quickly realizing that the chocolate glob was not about to squish out the small opening of my plastic bag, I just opened the bag and pushed it into the molds with a knife.  Unfortunately I did not end up with a beautifully smooth surface to my chocolates because of this inability to “pour” my chocolate.  Despite the texture, I tossed the mold into the freezer and they’re froze and popped out of the mold just fine.  Not the best chocolates I’ve ever had but the only one’s I’ve ever made myself, so that’s something. Enjoy the photos.

A leftover glob that I broke open to view the orange zest

P.S. Someone special will be receiving these chocolates as a gift… SURPRISE!


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