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Quick Chocolate Coconut Bread September 6, 2009

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Here is the recipe that finally inspired to me to start my blog.  I borrowed a copy of Sundays at Moosewood Restaurant from my boyfriend’s elderly neighbor.  From the book’s intro

“Moosewood is a small, casual, collectively owned and operated restaurant in downtown Ithaca, a small city in the Finger Lakes region of New York State… Sundays at Moosewood are different from the rest of the week. Sunday night is ‘ethnic night’, when we serve foods from on particular ethnic, national, or regional cuisine.”

The book is organized by global region and includes a selection of recipes for each.  This bread came from the Caribbean region and I picked it because it sounded easy.  I currently don’t have some crucial kitchen tools (mixer, pans, baking sheets, whisk… etc.).  The bread was relatively easy despite realizing I had no eggs in the house and running (driving actually) to the grocery store to buy some while halfway through the recipe.  I also took the liberty of adding chocolate chips to the bread.  I’ve never eaten a bread that tasted worse because of chocolate chips.. they tend to make it better :).  The bread came out beautifully and is sweet like a muffin, I couldn’t find the unsweetened coconut that the recipe requested.  With a layer of chocolate frosting this bread could easily be a delicious cake.