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Valentine’s Cookies March 6, 2010

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I’m sure many of you readers anxiously checked my blog on the days leading up to the holiday of Love (and cookies and candy).  I’m so sorry to disappoint, I made cookies of course, I just didn’t post them.  Better late than never!  There’s not much to say here as these are a variation of the chocolate star cookies I posted earlier.  This time I used red velvet cake mix with cream cheese frosting, and strawberry cake mix with pink vanilla frosting.  I made these for my roommates since they were both returning home on February 15th.  Unfortunately they were so delicious that I ate all the strawberry cookies (despite having frozen them to deter myself, apparently the strawberry cookies are just as good frozen).  I made another batch with a coconut cake mix and the powdered sugar homemade icing (colored pink).  Its just so simple to grab a box of cake mix and you can try any of the flavors on the shelf using the same process!  Here’s the eye candy/photographs:


Pumpkin Muffin Showdown October 25, 2009

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The Chocolate Brownie muffins I posted earlier gave me the idea to try making pumpkin muffins.  I wasn’t sure how they would turn out since the brownie muffins don’t really taste like pumpkin.  I bought a spice cake mix and a white cake mix so I could see which gives a stronger pumpkin flavor.  While perusing the baking aisle I noticed a package of squeeze-on cream cheese frosting so I picked that up as well knowing it would be the perfect complement to my pumpkin muffins.  I’m not going to repost the recipe, its the exact same steps as the brownie muffins, just using different cake mixes.  They both came out wonderfully! The white cake pumpkin muffin seemed fluffier but that could be because they were more recently “fresh from the oven”.  When I did the taste test the white cake muffins were still warm and the frosting melted all over, while the spice cake muffins were cooled.  They’re both great combinations I think its just a matter of preference, pumpkin purest vs. pumpkin spice.  What do you think?  After my roommates try both I’ll post their opinions.  I’m torn, I love the texture of the plain pumpkin but its hard to beat the complex flavor symphony of a pumpkin spice.  (Especially when you add cream cheese frosting!).  Here are the photos in case you’re not already salivating from my detailed descriptions.




Red Velvet Insanity Cupcakes September 27, 2009

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This is the 3rd recipe in my series of cupcakes from HungryGirl’s cookbook. I made these by request for my girl, Ashley who is still imprisoned in Bancroft Hall for 3 more years.  They are absolutely incredible, I highly recommend trying this recipe.  The cupcakes were very moist and delicious on their own, but paired with a light, sweet cream cheese frosting they are just to die for!  You would never believe these are better for you if I hadn’t told you already.  They taste like they’re high in calories. See for yourself:

redvelvet1…And, I didn’t change or mess up anything in the recipe!! Here it is:

For cupcakes:

1 cup moist-style devil’s food cake mix (1/4 of 18.25 oz box)

1 cup moist-style yellow cake mix (1/4 of 18.25 oz box)

Two 25 calories packets diet hot cocoa mix

1/2 cup fat-free liquid egg substitute

1/4 cup mini semi-sweet chocolate chips, divided

1 tablespoon red food coloring

1 teaspoon Splenda No Calorie Sweetener (granulated)

1/8 teaspoon salt

For Frosting:

6 tablespoons Jet-Puffed Marshmallow Creme

6 tablespoons Cool Whip Free (thawed)

1/4 cup fat-free cream cheese (room temperature)

1 tablespoon Splenda No Calorie Sweetner (granulated)

Directions:  Preheat oven to 350.  In a medium mixing bowl, combine all frosting ingredients except for the Cool Whip until mixed well.  Fold in Cool Whip and refrigerate until cupcakes are ready to be frosted.  In a tall glass, place half of the mini chocolate chips and the contents of both cocoa packets.  Add 1/2 cup boiling water and stir until chips and cocoa mix have dissolved.  Add 1 cup cold water and mix well.  Pour cocoa mixture into a large mixing bowl.  Add cake mixes, egg substitute, remaining chocolate chips, food coloring, Splenda and salt.  Whisk for about 2 minutes, until smooth and blended.  Batter will be thin, but don’t worry–your cupcakes will puff up once baked!  Line a 12-cup muffin pan with baking cups and/or spray with nonstick spray.  Evenly distribute batter among the cups.  Bake in the oven for 15-20 minutes.  Cupcakes will look shiny when done.  Allow cupcakes to cool completely, then evenly distribute the frosting over the tops. Enjoy!          Makes 12 servings.

PER SERVING (1 frosted cupcake): 140 calories, 3g fat, 262mg sodium, 24.5g carbs, 0.5g fiber, 15g sugars, 3g protein.



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Today is my roommate’s birthday so last night I spent the evening baking her a cake.  I had been wanting to try this recipe and this was the perfect opportunity.  I had to go out a buy a hand mixer because I didn’t already own one.  I’m slowly building my collection of kitchen tools so the foods I post here may get more difficult as I acquire the proper utensils to accomplish them.

For now, I’m post the photo I took this morning, later I will post photos of the inside (we haven’t cut the cake yet) and when I get my cookbook back from my boyfriend’s house I will post the recipe as well.

The cake is an Albanian Walnut cake with a Lemon glaze.  I baked two 8″ round cakes with glaze (the glaze gets cooked on/in) and then stacked them with a layer of lemon zest cream cheese frosting sandwiched between.  Then I frosted the cake in the same lemon zest cream cheese frosting and to decorated I got some food coloring spray paint and sprayed pink all over. Then I used purple and blue frosting for the writing and stars.  I’ll have to comment on how it tastes, at this point I’m hoping for the best as I’m not sure if I baked the cakes correctly in the first place. At least it looks nice 🙂birthdaycake